Leadership & Personal Development are my passions. Here are some articles that I've written that share my passion.

3 Signs That You Are Too Nosy

It is very difficult to get rid of our bad habits, mostly because we are not even aware we have them. One habit that can really rub people the wrong way is when someone is being too nosy. Not only does this border on invasion of privacy, but can lead to people...

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Guest Post: What Motivates You?

[ad#posts] From Rohit: During my time as a Retail Field Trainer with Microsoft, I had the pleasure to meet a friendly, compassionate, and bold woman who worked for Hewlett Packard (HP). With her humor, energy, and transparency, Kristina Fulps could easily capture an...

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Do You Listen Like A Bobble-head?

[ad#posts] Today while at the waiting room at the dentist’s office, I looked around to see what people were doing. I often like to people watch because it’s when people don’t know that others are observing them, that they show their real traits. If you see many people...

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Guest Post: Noonetime Charities

[ad#posts] From Rohit: In January 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing, bold, powerful woman at an Advanced Leadership Seminar. After a life altering trip to Kenya, Meghan Noone established Noonetime Charities in an effort to spread awareness and raise money...

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Guest Post: What is Mentorship?

[ad#posts] From Rohit: Below you will find a fantastic post from Tom Haupt, America's #1 Leadership Trainer and Mentor in Personal Development. I have had the great fortune to attend two of Tom's weekend long seminars, and his dedication to my success has always set...

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Drive… and Get Lost!

[ad#posts] We all need some time to soul search, those moments of freedom when we are alone with out thoughts.  Once a month or so I get in my car, grab a camera (right now I am using the #1 camera on Amazon Canon PowerShot SX230HS) or journal, turn off the GPS and...

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