Shaking HandsYou know how to introduce people right? Sure, you’ve been doing it for years now:

“Josh, this is Karla. Karla, this is Josh”

And once the introductions are made, the conversation sounds similar to this:

“Hi Karla, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too Josh”

But then the conversation dies. It’s not Josh’s fault and it’s not Karla’s fault, the fault lies with the introduction. When you introduce two people, what you really want to do is build a relationship. For that to happen, you must give a foundation for the relationship to build on. Instead of just telling each other the names, why not give them some information about each other so that they can actually have a conversation. Here are 6 techniques that have proven effective for me:

  1. Similar Interests: Chung, I know how much you love Germany. My friend Nickie actually just got back from Germany last week.
  2. Their hobbies: Jessica, this is David. Like you, he has also been playing tennis for years.
  3. Their talents: Frodo, I’d like you to meet Samwise. Sam is an incredible gardener.
  4. An interesting fact: Robin, this is Ted. Did you know that Ted actually licked the Liberty Bell?
  5. A professional relationship starter: Nam, this is Anthony who is the CIO of XYZ Corporation. Anthony, Nam is an IT Consultant who specializes in DBA.
  6. Say something nice: Carie, I’d like you to meet Rhyan. Rhyan is by far one of the funniest people I know.

As you can see, introducing people can be fun and easy. Simply give the names, and then a little bit of information so that they can begin a conversation. Not only will the two people have a better conversation, but you will begin to have the reputation of being known as a people connector.