"Empower YOUR life...with the prosperity YOU deserve!"

-Rohit Rohila

I am a Leadership Trainer & Motivational Coach, author, and speaker based out of Seattle, WA. I specialize in helping people transform their lives with focus, passion, and drive, by identifying obstacles and creating strategies to power through for effective and immediate results.

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What others are saying…

Working with Rohit Rohila was a fantastic experience – his drive and knowledge was extremely motivating and uplifting. I enjoyed the passion he conveyed, and it was a rather infectious mindset. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rohit to anyone who needs direction and drive in their business! Ning Wong

Photographer, Ning Wong Photography

I’ve known Rohit for 10+ years now and he has always had a passion for Personal Development. The thing about him is we can have a normal everyday conversation, and then at the end I feel so motivated. He has a way to make you feel so comfortable that you just open up and make these major breakthroughs. Piset Sao

Executive Assistant to the Director, Office of Equity and Human Rights

I had the pleasure of being on both sides of one of Rohit’s seminars. I can absolutely say that I have never experienced something more impactful and thought provoking in my life. He truly is a consummate professional and thoroughly enjoys helping others discover themselves and their greatest potential.

Kyle Reed

Marketing Manager, GYST Podcast

I had the distinct pleasure to work with Rohit over a three day training workshop. I was impressed by his dedication and contribution mindset in serving others. He is a man of integrity and someone who thinks of others first and foremost. I’d highly recommend this consummate professional! Tom Haupt

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Haupt International Mentorship

It is difficult to measure the level of impact that Rohit has made in my life. I had no idea how far I could grow as a person by simply meeting and becoming friends with Rohit. He has believed in me and my potential, but most of all, he has taught me to see it myself! Patrick Lium

Digital Signage Solution Specialist, Zones, Inc.

Rohit has inspired me not only professionally but personally as well. His inspiration, guidance and advice helped me exceed my own expectations…. Rohit’s positive attitude and unconditional passion for helping others to grow and develop is addicting.

Jamison Clark

Regional Account Manager, Fortinet

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