Corporate Leadership & Team Trainings


Rohit Rohila at a Corporate Training Event, teaching how an organization must constantly evolve.

Rohit Rohila at a Corporate Training Event, teaching how an organization must constantly evolve.

Why your team needs us…

In an effort to move your team forward in support of your mission statement, the team will engage in a personal growth and leadership training workshop in a cost effect manner with a high ROI (return on investment). With a growing team, increased emphasis on results, and a demand for the highest quality of customer service, providing training to the team will help create a focus on all aspects of the business.

What others do…

Traditional training companies use information (how to) and motivation (you can do it) to move people forward. The difficulties with these formats are that people don’t do what they are told, and motivation is a short-term solution.

Also the majority of the training is directly related to work, including motivating people to produce more, dealing with difficult customers or co-workers, and working together in teams. Although these are all excellent topics, they address the symptoms and not the problem itself.

What we do for you…

The goal of our trainings is for the management team to experience training unlike any they have attended before. Our workshops do utilize both information and motivational training techniques; however a heavy emphasis is placed on experiential training. In experiential training, breakthroughs are made based on experiences that are shared and created by the safety and confidentiality of a guided classroom environment. Students will also continue their training by working in small accountability groups.

Instead of focusing solely on symptoms and the work environment, our workshop addresses underlying programs that have been developed since childhood that have been running each of us. By becoming aware of these programs that run us, we can address the heart of most of our self-limiting beliefs. This is done with a high energy, engaging, and connected facilitator who will also make themselves available for students for continued growth.

How we personalize everything for you…

We take great pride in the amount of work we put into personalizing every training we do for your group. With our 8-Step Corporate Success Plan, we can customize by doing the following:

  1. Meet with Managers: We start the process by meeting with the manager team. We get feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, reoccurring obstacles, etc.
  2. Anonymous Survey from Team: We have prepared a survey that will remain 100% anonymous so that we receive the most honest feedback from your team members. The purpose of this survey is to provide a starting point for the training, as well as to gage the overall atmosphere that has been created in the work environment. Questions vary from “Do you feel appreciated” to “Do you feel you have to park too far away?”
  3. Create a Game Plan: Once we have collected all the feedback from managers and team members, our team will create a game plan on how to move forward.
  4. Design Your Training Event: Our leadership team has created over 50 workshop modules that range from personalities, team building, working with difficult people, communication styles, overcoming our past, and much more. Based on the collected feedback, we will design a personalized workshop based on the modules that would most benefit your team.
  5. Execute Workshops: Once we have designed your personalized solution, we will have our experienced leadership team conduct your workshop in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.
  6. Survey Team Again: Within a few days from the completion of the workshop, we will survey your team again.
  7. Report to Management: A complete report will be presented to the management team including comparisons of pre and post workshop surveys, overall evaluation from our leadership team, as well as a recommended path to keep the momentum going.
  8. Follow-up Trainings: A 2-Hour Monthly Follow-Up/Training is available, and highly recommended, for continued growth of students who have participated in the workshops. During this session, students are given opportunities to discuss how the workshops have impacted their lives, as well as help guide each other and continue accountability