So many people these days proclaim their unhappiness with their jobs and claim that they are looking for a new job, but it’s that state of limbo that causes the unhappiness. You don’t get the satisfaction of loving your job, yet you aren’t fully committed to finding another one either, so your situation never improves.


Have you ever said any of the following:
[list class=”arrow”]
[list_item] “I’m looking for a new job”[/list_item]
[list_item] “I don’t like my job”[/list_item]
[list_item] “This job isn’t what I thought it would be like.”[/list_item]
[list_item] “This job isn’t what they told me it would be.”[/list_item]
[list_item] “Working here drains the life out of me.”[/list_item]

You can easily fall into a trap and not even realize it. You could in fact be the one behind your unpleasant experience. Feeling unmotivated, you stop putting your full effort into the job. Then, because you don’t feel right about not giving it your all, you start to gain some resentment towards yourself and the behavior. Soon just the sight of your building will stir up these negative emotions and it continues to spiral. Another dangerous area can be to spend time outside of work with coworkers and then gossiping. You can review the 5 Dangers of Spending Time with CoWorkers.


Again, living in the limbo of not being committed one way or another, get a new job or continue with this one, can cause a lot of stress and negativity. Here is a solution that I have shared with many people before and they have had great success with it. Pick a time frame from today, 3 months from now, 6 months from now, maybe a year, and mark it on a calendar.


Now here is the tough part, till that date, give your job your 100%. No complaining about how horrible your job or how much you hate it, and no looking for another job either. Miraculous things will start to change. You’ll start feeling better about yourself and your situation; your attitude will change and so will the way people treat you. New opportunities will start uncovering themselves and you might want to stay after all. If after this time your situation doesn’t improve, then actively look for a new job.


To help with your focus and the direction you want to take your life, you can review 3 Simple Steps to get your Life Back on Track. If you find yourself saying that you are tired of your job, maybe it’s time to set a date yourself. Good luck!


Rohit Rohila,
Personal Growth & Leadership Trainer