From Rohit: During my time as a Retail Field Trainer with Microsoft, I had the pleasure to meet a friendly, compassionate, and bold woman who worked for Hewlett Packard (HP). With her humor, energy, and transparency, Kristina Fulps could easily capture an audience. She has now volunteered to share her insights on motivation with us. I consider Kristina not only a positive influence in my life, but a dear friend as well.

Kristina Fulps

Author: Kristina Fulps

What motivates you? There must be a reason you get up out of bed and head to work each day. Do you know why? Is it to accomplish a dream, pay the bills, because you have to, or that you aren’t sure but you just do it?

Some have started out in the workforce to accomplish a life goal or dream. Others had one but got lost in the needs of everyday life.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

It is time to motivate your life and get you into doing something that you enjoy. Your assignment is to write down what simple incentives would motivate you. These could be a number of things: getting your hair done, close barber shave, a new shirt, favorite food/drink, massage, video game, anything.

Now that you have the incentives written down it is time to write down some short term goals that you would like to accomplish. Now remember these are short term goals and should be obtainable within a month. You want to build your motivation and be successful at it. This could be finally filing paperwork in alphabetical order, sending out thank you notes to businesses you have been working with on projects, getting those books that are stacked up in the corner on a bookshelf, and so on. Next to each short term goal write down a different incentive. Each time you complete a short term goal you will reward yourself with the incentive you wrote next to it. This will help keep you motivated in completing the other short term goals.

When you finish your list of short term goals it is time to find new goals for you to accomplish. These may be short term goals that have more meaning. You may even start working on long term goals, using short term goals as tasks to help you reach your main objective. Keep yourself motivated in being happy and successful moving forward by choosing new and interesting incentives for motivation.

KRISTINA FULPS is a District Manager in marketing, covering the Pacific Northwest. She studied Leadership/Management/Education at Charter Oak State & Pierce College. She has experience in educating and training on business relationships, growth and technology through personal, classroom and large-scale events. To contact her, please feel free to email her at: kristinafulps@gmail.com