I am a huge fan of the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created, known as Middle Earth. Most people know it as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The main reason I enjoy the books, movies, and everything else Tolkien and Middle Earth related, is because I always learn a different personal development lesson with each reading, watching, etc.

The lesson that appeals the most to me is about the personal growth that the character of Aragorn goes through. We see him at the start as a dark, mysterious, frightening Ranger. At the end we see him as a Powerful King that rules with his heart. It wasn’t until he realized his true role, that the war was won. The transformation is very similar to the transformation that happens to the character of Jack Sheppard on Lost. He also fights very hard not to be “The Leader” that everyone sees him as. Once he accepts it, he begins to change the hopes of everyone.

I am also going through a similar situation with my subconscious. Everyone sees me as a leader, but my subconscious is still struggling to accept it. For a very long time, I have been drawn to the teachings of Jim Rohn and Jerry Clark. I want so much to be like them. I took my first step as a personal development coach by creating this website. Now I see my picture in the top corner, the website looks very professional, I am getting visitors from all over the world, I am receiving many emails with incredible stories, and my heart and mind realize that I am already becoming like Jim Rohn and Jerry Clark. It was in me all along; I just needed to realize it.

But then my subconscious takes over and sees that I still haven’t really proven anything, and therefore, I am not anything like my mentors. It is a difficult battle that my mind and subconscious are having, one that I’ve been trying to work on for months now. There is not a quick or easy answer to this conflict. It will take constant reminders and positive reinforcements to my subconscious to assure myself that I am that leader.

That is why I respect the changes that Aragorn went through to become King so much. It’s not just as simple as accepting the position, but it took the overcoming of an internal battle between his mind, heart, and subconscious until there was a… Return of the King![ad#posts]